U-Haul 19 Highland, Hamilton, Canada

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Innovative Structural Solutions in Self-Storage: The U-Haul 19 Highland Project's Use of DELTABEAM in Hamilton, Ontario

The U-Haul 19 Highland Project, situated in Hamilton, Ontario spans 102,504 square feet. U-Haul is the owner, while Kalos Engineering Inc. was the structural engineer on the project. Brouwer Architecture handled the design, and DeFaveri Construction was the general contractor. In Ontario's rapidly expanding self-storage industry, innovative construction solutions are key and this is why DELTABEAM® was chosen for this project.

DELTABEAM®'s slim profile and long-span capabilities allowed for a design that maximizes space utilization - crucial for storage facilities. This was instrumental in achieving 20ft continuous Deltabeam spans and 30ft hollow core spans with 10” deep slabs, supporting a live load of 100 psf.

Fire safety presents a significant challenge in self-storage facilities due to the diverse and sometimes unpredictable nature of stored items. However, DELTABEAM®'s integrated fire rating negates the necessity for supplementary fireproofing measures.

Incorporating Peikko DELTABEAM®, Peikko ATLANT® Composite Columns, and hollow-core slabs from Coreslab expedited the construction process significantly, playing a vital role in adhering to the project's timeline and budgetary constraints.

The U-Haul 19 Highland project showcases a strategic utilization of DELTABEAM® to optimize space efficiency, capitalize on integrated fire resistance, and expedite construction timelines. The project is due for completion in July 2024.

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Informácie o projekte

Veľkosť projektu:
9523 m2
Veľkosť projektu:
102 504 ft2
Stavebná spoločnosť:
Defaveri Group Contracting & Construction
Kalos Engineering Inc.
Brouwer Architecture
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Coreslab Structures
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