The Kleboniškis Bridge reconstruction , Kaunas, Lithuania

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The Kleboniškis Bridge over the river Neris in Kaunas is being transformed. 

In the spring of 2022, a new northern bridge was opened, the middle bridge is demolished and two new bridges are being built in its place, and the southern bridge is undergoing major reconstruction. The bridges over the Neris in Kaunas, on the A1 highway, are the busiest in Lithuania. The road section from 99.03 to 100.47 km sees traffic volumes reaching up to 78,000 vehicles on certain days.

During the second phase of the Kleboniškis Bridge reconstruction, the middle bridge was demolished and two new bridges are being built to separate transit traffic from local traffic, thereby ensuring traffic safety. After the reconstruction,  two middle bridges will be dedicated solely to transit traffic. The works are being carried out by AB Kauno tiltai with the total project value expected to exceed 68 million euros.

For the construction of the bridge, Peikko Lietuva manufactured and delivered concealed type modular PCs® corbels. Although PCs® products are originally designed to support precast concrete beams on columns, the project's engineers smartly used them to address the horizontal force transfer to the foundation structure during the launch of the new bridge structure. A total of 96 units of PCs® 15 type, the largest products with a bearing capacity of up to 15 tons per unit, were used.

We are proud that Peikko solutions can be widely applied and successfully utilized in the construction of exceptional, nationally significant projects such as highway bridges.

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