Tampere Region Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tampere, Finland

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The construction of the central wastewater treatment plant in Sulkavuori, located in the Tampere region, stands as one of the most significant projects in the area in recent years.

This wastewater treatment facility, nestled within the rock, is poised to ensure efficient wastewater treatment for the next century. Peikko has been a vital contributor to the project, supplying a substantial quantity of MODIX® rebar couplers and other essential components for concrete construction, along with DELTABEAM® composite beams.

Centralized wastewater treatment represents a major environmental investment in the Tampere region. Not only does it promote water conservation and sustainable development, but it also fosters a circular economy. Employing cutting-edge technology, this treatment plant processes wastewater in a manner that mitigates the impact on waterways, even as the area's population and wastewater volume increase. Simultaneously, it enhances the recreational value of the region. Throughout its construction, the Sulkavuori central treatment plant project has generated thousands of employment opportunities.

Peikko's contributions to the Sulkavuori project commenced in the summer of 2021 and continue to this day. In addition to prefabricated structures, the site encompasses numerous cast-in-situ structures, both subterranean and above ground.

Alongside DELTABEAM® composite beams, which facilitate longer spans, Peikko has supplied a significant quantity of specially manufactured connecting components, such as WELDA® fastening plates. Additionally, Peikko has produced thousands of MODIX® rebar couplers, which establish a mechanical connection between reinforcing bars in concrete structures.

"Remarkably, Peikko has two customers in the Sulkavuori treatment plant project: Skanska Infra Oy during the excavation phase and TYL Sulkavuori, acting as the primary contractor in the construction phase — a joint venture comprising of Kreate and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy. Cooperation with both contractors has been seamless from the outset. Thanks to regular site visits and effective communication, the project has progressed smoothly. The detailed and well-prepared delivery schedules provided by the customer have greatly facilitated Peikko's production and overall deliveries, benefitting both the customer and Peikko," notes Topi Laiho, Business Manager responsible for Peikko's infra sales.

The joint venture of Kreate and Aki Hyrkkönen Oy serves as the main contractor and executor of post-excavation construction and installation work. Their responsibilities include the construction engineering of the rock facilities and above-ground structures for the Sulkavuori central treatment plant.

"The project has faced notable challenges, including the Ukraine conflict and the resulting material shortages that affected deliveries and prices. Furthermore, the majority of construction occurs underground, posing logistical challenges and space constraints. Hence, timely material deliveries are of utmost importance. Peikko, as a major supplier with an extensive product range, has offered excellent availability, delivery reliability, short lead times, and the ability to respond swiftly, even in tight spaces. This has enabled us to adhere to schedules and keep the project on track," commends Juuso Keränen, responsible for the above-ground construction section at Aki Hyrkkönen Oy.

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Peikko, as a major supplier with an extensive product range, has offered excellent availability, delivery reliability, short lead times, and the ability to respond swiftly, even in tight spaces.

Juuso Keränen, Aki Hyrkkönen Oy

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