Resort Hodolany, Czech Republic

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The multipurpose complex RESORT HODOLANY is located on the outskirts of Olomouc near the main route to the city and offers hotel services, wellness centres, restaurants, and casinos.

It was created by rebuilding the ramshackled Hodolan Theater, the former centre of the Olomouc Operetta, and continues the tradition of the Olomouc cultural centre.

The developers have preserved this historic building in its original form and supplemented it with new buildings of an industrial appearance thanks to the cladding made of non-traditional materials such as Corten and glass.

The originally designed composite reinforced concrete ceiling structure was replaced with a combination of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams and hollow core slabs. This change in the ceiling structure brought a significant acceleration and refinement of construction and at the same time considerable financial savings.

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Informácie o projekte

Veľkosť projektu:
2011 m2
Stavebná spoločnosť:
OHL ŽS a.s., divize M – Morava, Olomouc
Ing. František Balcárek
Atelier-r, Miroslav Pospíšil
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