Red Bull Arena, Germany

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The Red Bull Arena, located in Leipzig, played a crucial role as a stadium venue during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which was hosted by Germany.

One of the standout features of this stadium is its roof construction, which showcases two longitudinal, cable-trussed arch beams. The addition of the exquisitely designed BESISTA® tension bar systems brings an element of elegance to the overall structure.

In particular, the rope connections utilized in this project deserve special mention. These connections were exclusively developed and produced to meet the unique requirements of the stadium. They serve as a testament to the remarkable innovation, quality, and reliability embodied by BESISTA®. To ensure structural integrity, the entire steel construction of the stadium is reinforced using the BESISTA® 1-460 tension bar system.

The installation process was both swift and cost-effective for the 320 BESISTA® M45 and M68 tension bar systems. These systems were pre-tensioned effortlessly up to a height of 56 meters, without any complications or incidents. Thanks to BESISTA®'s patented BVS-230 pre-tensioning system, a single individual could apply tensions of up to 230 kN within a matter of minutes.

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Jauch-Sielaff, DE-Berlin
Zech Planung, Leipzig

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