Osisko Terraces, Rouyn-Noranda, Canada

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An innovative structural system was used in northern Quebec in 2015: a combination of specialized steel frame and hollow core slabs. The Osisko Terraces, a 4 story apartment building with 1 level of underground parking, was built with the Peikko frame. Consisting of composite columns and DELTABEAM®, the specialized steel frame provided an integrated fire rating and clear spans over 7 meters.  

"We wanted a high quality system installed as quickly as possible" says Jean-Francois Brouillette, developer of the project. "With Peikko, we combined large bay sizes, integrated fire rating and fast construction". In detail, composite columns consist of tubular steel sections integrated with reinforced steel and filled with concrete onsite. These columns have the characteristics of both concrete and steel: small section similar to steel and integrated fire rating similar to concrete. 

Through the use of Peikko structure, the Osisko terraces will reach an STC of 61 (Sound Transmission Class) and an IIC of 62 (Impact Insulation Class). The fire resistance being integrated in the structure, no additional fire protective material is required onsite. A few other details on the structure of Osisko:

  • Typical bay sizes: 22’ x 30’
  • Floor thickness: 10’’ hollow core and DELTABEAM®
  • Composite columns diameter: 340 mm
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"With Peikko, we combined large bay sizes, integrated fire rating and fast construction"

Jean-Francois Brouillette, Developer

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