Malmö Hospital, Malmö, Sweden

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The hospital in Malmö is being expanded with several units. One part of the project will be a new large and modern healthcare building.

The hospital in Malmö is being modernized and developed. Skanska has been commissioned by Region Skåne to build the new healthcare building with a total of 108,000 square meters. In addition to the care building, which will include 244 single rooms, operating theatres, receptions, a new mortuary, technical infrastructure, and culverts with self-propelled trucks will also be built. As well as a service building containing a new laboratory and logistics centre. The hospital will become one of Europe's most modern hospitals.

The new hospital buildings aim to be certified with Miljöbyggnad Silver. In terms of energy, the requirements for environmental building Gold have been applied. For the project, Peikko has been a supplier of several different models of sheets, ranging from standardized sheets to tailor-made sheets manufactured according to the project's wishes. We have also delivered threaded reinforcement joint MODIX®, which is a safe and flexible system for joining reinforcement.

Thanks to the unique visual control system, it is easy to see if all joints are tightened, this contributes to high production speed and assured quality.

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110 000 m2
Region Skåne
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Skanska Sverige AB
White Arkitekter
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