Kv Oxen, Skellefteå, Sweden

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New modern and flexible residential and office building in central Skellefteå.

The new property developed by Nordvester Fastigheter is a modern and flexible building that contains residences, offices and a grocery store at street level. The building has an inviting roof terrace and in the adjoining building an multistorey car park.

DELTABEAM® has been delivered to provide slim-floor solution together with HCS and filigree slabs. What is special with this project is that some special solution was being made to help solve the brick wall façade of office building. Issue was that brick wall load had to land on our beams, and this could lead to cracking in facades due to deflections of dead load and self-weight.

To solve brick walls and restrict the deflections so cracking of façade would not occur, we had to increase beam profiles height quite a bit to get stiffer cross-section in the beam lines below bricks and help support it.

Since DELTABEAM® is very adaptable, and with good co-operation with main designer (WSP) we could provide solution to help solve so façade of office building would not crack. Main designer was now able to weld hangers/consoles on the vertical web of DELTABEAM® so brick wall could have support on our DELTABEAM®, reducing deflection and reduce risks of cracked façade, whilst also carrying the loads from HCS.

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I want to thank you for your help with everything on this project. I am not used to work with DELTABEAM® and Hollow-Core slabs, so I have learned a lot from you.

Emelie Hällberg, Main designer, WSP

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3660 m2
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39 395 ft2
Nordvestor Fastigheter
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