Karratha Warehouse Project, Australia

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In the inaugural project situated in Karratha, Western Australia, Thomas Building, in collaboration with Meyer Shircore Architects and IKB Engineering, successfully used Peikko solutions to construct a state-of-the-art warehouse facility. The project prominently featured Peikko's cutting-edge solutions, including the innovative Colift lifting systems and bolted connections.

This construction venture stands out as a remarkable reference due to its swift and secure execution, attributing much of its success to Peikko's specialized offerings. The utilization of Peikko's bolted column connection, a mechanical system facilitating efficient column erection with a minimal on-site crew, eliminated the necessity for temporary bracing. This not only accelerated the construction process but also enhanced safety measures on site.

The key highlight lies in the deployment of Peikko's PPM® P Anchor Bolts and BOLDA® Column Shoes, accompanied by various accessories. This selection of products ensured a robust and moment-resistant connection once the nuts were tightened. Consequently, the crane could seamlessly progress to the next column without delays. Noteworthy is the impressive feat of erecting all 48 concrete columns, some weighing over 53 tons, within a remarkable 6-day turnaround.

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