Beijing City Sub-Center Project, Beijing, China

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In order to build "a world-class demonstration area of harmonious and livable City" and "a demonstration area of green City, Forest City, Sponge City and Smart City", the Construction for Beijing Sub-City Center project adopts green building, prefabricated building and ultra-low energy consumption building implementation plans.

The project adopts a prefabricated architectural design concept. The main structure system of each building is a concrete frame structure, and the external wall is a precast concrete prefabricated structure.

Beijing City Sub-center has 6 square kilometers of administrative offices within Tongzhou urban area. Among them, A2, B3, and B4 projects adopt prefabricated precast concrete external wall hanging plates, which integrate an external envelope structure, external wall decoration boards, external wall insulation layers, and external windows.

Multiple procedures can be completed in one construction. According to the construction companies, the construction period of a traditional process takes about 4 to 6 months. The assembled curtain wall panels are prefabricated at the factory in advance, and the components are installed after entering the field. The construction period is only about one-fifth of the traditional process, creating greater savings in time. The concrete facades use Peikko's sandwich panel connectors.

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200,000 m2
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北京榆构有限公司, Beijing Yugu Co., LTD
北京预制建筑工程研究院, Beijing Prefabricated Construction Engineering Research Institute
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