Baltic Boat Yard, Pietarsaari, Finland

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Baltic Yachts Oy Ab Ltd, which manufactures luxury boats, is building a new production hall in Alholma, Pietarsaari. In accordance with the company's sustainable values, the new building will be as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible.

Circular economy thinking was realized on the construction site right from the foundation stage, where some of the materials could be reused. The parking lot located at the site of the new hall was primed with sand and gravel, which were stored and reused for backfilling both around the forwork and in the parking area.

Recycled material can also be found in the frame of the building. The DELTABEAM® Green composite beams chosen for the site are made of more than 90% recycled steel, and their carbon footprint is half that of conventional steel beams.

The project uses one common Trimble Connect data model maintained by PMJ Service. In the framework phase, the parties could easily see what is ready so that the project progresses on schedule. In addition, possible collisions were detected in good time.

Mika Pulkkinen, who was responsible for structural design, says that the participation of all suppliers in the 3D model is not a given. "Peikko's big advantage is that they used our ifc model to do the detailing. It suited us very well", praises Pulkkinen.

Ground and foundation work on the site started in early autumn 2022. The project will be completed by Christmas 2023, three months ahead of the original schedule.

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Peikko's big advantage is that they used our ifc model to do the detailing. 

Mika Pulkkinen, PMJ Service Oy

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Baltic Yachts Oy Ab Ltd
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