Apartments and Parking Structure, Switzerland

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In the realm of parking facilities, the significance of the gaps between columns, particularly within car parks, has reached new heights.

Each additional centimeter in space not only enhances the convenience of users but also streamlines their experience. In this context, the introduction of the exceptionally sleek ATLANT® composite columns emerges as a solution of utmost importance.

A testament to this innovation can be observed in the recent development involving the construction of two contemporary apartment buildings, comprising a total of 50 rental units, alongside a mixed residential and commercial edifice. Notably, this project incorporates an underground car park that seamlessly links all the structures.

This undertaking showcases the implementation of Peikko ATLANT® columns, which not only expedited the construction phase but also facilitated the allocation of more expansive areas for parking amidst the columns. This strategic employment not only highlights a commitment to efficiency but also underscores the dedication to enhancing the overall user experience.

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