ALĖJA 18 Residential Building, Kaunas, Lithuania

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The ALĖJA 18 project - a fusion of history, nature, and contemporary urban planning on the legendary boulevard in Kaunas.

With its distinctive location, interpretation of interwar architecture, and sustainable, high-quality construction and offering 52 exclusive apartments, the ALĖJA 18 apartment complex stands prominently on the main pedestrian street of Kaunas, Laisvės alėja, lined with linden trees planted in the mid-19th century.

The facade of the new building features clear, strict forms, characteristic asymmetry, a prominent vertical element, and wide, large windows. Natural, sustainable materials typical of interwar architecture, such as concrete, wood, metal, and glass, were used in the construction of the building. The apartments have balconies with opaque railings that create more private space. Integrated greenery in the balconies creates a sense of a closed courtyard for the apartments, while the courtyard itself is filled with lush vegetation.

The project is enriched by an artistic light installation called Liepa (Linden) embedded on one of the building's walls. The installation's forms mirror the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal elements of the building, with the symbolic inclusion of the Kaunas 2022 logo – an artwork inspired by the theme and logo of this cultural project.

Peikko Lietuva designed and produced 157 m of various types of EBEA® balcony connections for this project: EBEA®-500, EBEA®-700, EBEA®-1100. EBEA® Balcony Connections minimize heat transfer at the intersections of balconies and supporting structures, withstand significant loads, and are fire-resistant. There are 40 balconies in ALĖJA 18 project, with the prevailing structural scheme being cantilevered; there are also a few two-sided balconies. The project stands out with larger loads on the balcony edges due to railing greening and the installation of large plant pot on the fifth-floor balcony.  

Peikko's solutions simplify and expedite construction processes, so the customer choosing EBEA® Balcony Connections receives not only a product of the highest quality but also fast delivery and excellent service.

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5530 m2
UAB "Etapas Group"
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UAB "Mana ranga"
UAB "Smailusis skliautas"
UAB "Miliukščio studija"
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