Peikko works to reduce carbon footprint in construction

Peikko commissioned a British expert company in carbon assessment and building construction, dCarbon8, to carry out an independent study on its Deltabeam product. The goal of the study was to assess the lifecycle carbon impact of using Deltabeam versus using widely used universal steel beams in a standard school building design. The study was carried out in compliance with recognized international standard (ISO 14040) for carbon assessment, so as to enable the results to be considered throughout Peikko's operating countries.

The results of the study were that compared to a business-as-usual-approach using universal beams, the Deltabeam option offered a 5 percent saving in total carbon impacts over the lifetime of the building. These savings came from the raw material savings on beams, saving on other building materials due to Deltabeam, the reduction in the carbon impact of onsite activities and savings due to more efficient structure during the life-time of the building with regards to e.g. heating or cooling of the building.

"European and USA studies show that CO2 from buildings accounts for over 50% of total annual CO2 emissions in developed countries. Irrespective of an individuals' position on climate change, construction of more sustainable buildings, the more efficient use of raw materials, and a reduction in future heating and cooling requirements must be an advantage to building owners and operators. Peikko Group wants to be in the forefront to develop and promote smart products that enable the CO2 savings", states Raimo Lehtinen, Managing Director of Peikko Group.

Further information:

Raimo Lehtinen, Managing Director, Peikko Group Corporation, Tel. + 358 40 5209260
John Metcalfe, Managing Director, Peikko UK Ltd., Tel. + 44 7764660906

dCarbon8 - study on notional school building (in English, pdf)

Article of Peikko News 1/2010: "Deltabeam works to save the planet - reduces carbon footprint in construction" (in English, pdf)

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