Peikko Supplies Deltabeam for Hotel Project

Press release 19.07.2010

The eleven story Holiday Inn hotel under construction in the city of Saskatoon, Canada is the biggest project obtained by the Peikko Group in North America to date.

Peikko Canada, a subsidiary of the Peikko Group, has signed a contract with Stuart Olson Dominion Construction to supply Deltabeam, a revolutionary product developed by the company.

The Deltabeam chosen by Stuart Olson Dominion offers a total floor thickness of fourteen inches, providing a fire resistance of two hours. The Deltabeam was chosen for the eleven storey building principally for its rapid construction time. The use of other Peikko connectors placed inside precast concrete columns and walls also contributes to reducing construction time. The first deliveries for the project will begin in August 2010 and continue until mid-September.

The Deltabeams in the Holiday Inn project are the same depth as the hollow core slabs (300 mm) and have an integrated fire resistance of 2 hours without fireproofing the exposed underside of the beam

The Deltabeam structure was chosen at first for the parking levels as no down stands were needed under the slabs and no additional fire protection was needed under the beam, providing a significant increase in parking space. The tight construction schedule was the main factor for choosing Deltabeams and precast elements.

The structural design was handled by Wolfrom Engineering Ltd,, a company with extensive experience in large scale precast structure designs. Furthermore, Expocrete Concrete Products Ltd. was chosen for the supply of hollow core slabs and Haywood Concrete Products Ltd. for the precast columns. Haywood has previous experience with Peikko connectors, having used them in similar applications.

For the Peikko Group, this project confirms the potential of the Deltabeam in North America. "This project proves our commitment to establishing a sustainable and effective alternative to conventional construction. The Saskatoon Holiday Inn project will fully demonstrate the benefits of the Deltabeam and the entire family of Peikko products. "said Dominic Lemieux, Managing Director of Peikko Canada.

Peikko's PCs Corbels were chosen for the Holiday Inn project because of the high shear capacity and the tolerances offered by the connections.

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About the Peikko Group

Peikko is a family-owned company specializing in composite beams and structural products. Peikko Group Corporation has production facilities in Europe and the Middle East and subsidiaries worldwide. It employs more than 700 people.

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