Peikko's PSB Punching Prevention System receives ETA approval

Important step for Peikko with regard to in-situ casting applications

Peikko Group has received the ETA (European Technical Approval) approval for its PSB Punching Prevention System in April 2013. The ETA approval defines the regulative framework for the use and design of PSB in EU countries and will be used as reference for CE marking of the product. Even if ETA approvals are not required in all European countries, Peikko finds the approvals vital proof of its skills in supplying reliable and tested solutions the customers and related authorities can trust. The notified body for this approval was the German Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt. The application process took some 12 months and included full-scale tests of concrete slabs reinforced with PSB at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EFPL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Peikko introduced the PSB Punching Prevention System for in-situ concrete construction back in 2005. The system is mainly used in reinforced concrete flat slabs that are cast directly onto columns or walls without supporting beams. PSB’s are also applicable to improve punching shear resistance of in-situ ground slabs, footings and precast elements, especially filigran slabs. The system allows the slab to reach resistances that are consequently higher than resistances provided by traditional reinforcement techniques. 

“Peikko puts lot of effort in the development of slim floor systems for both precast and in-situ solutions. PSB is an excellent solution for both. The use of PSB speeds up the work at the construction site. The slab reinforcement can be easily, fast, and safely made with ready PSB rails compared to traditional reinforcement stirrup assembly. The ETA is concrete proof of the quality and reliability of our PSB system”, states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.

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